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Mihaela Maierean The Healer Hub

I'm Mihaela and I joyfully call myself a Theta Healing practitioner.


I am very passionate about spiritual development and meditation, I have been guiding weekly online group meditations for one year now, on various topics.


I believe a part of my mission on planet Earth is to support people in finding and releasing the fears and mental blocks that limit their daily life and personal power.

Anca Stefania is a yoga instructor and fitness coach passionate about combining movement with mindset coaching to bring a holistic approach to helping her clients achieve their goals. She teaches dance, fitness, yoga and Pilates.

Passionate about self-development, she obtained her yoga certification in India and learned breathing techniques and meditation in Thailand. She believes in coaching people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle through a holistic the human being as body, mind and soul.

She adores working with women, supporting them in fully accepting and loving their bodies and understanding how to harness the power of their biological rhythm to enjoy their lives and achieve their goals.

Anca Stefania Iorgulescu The Healer Hub

My motto in life is “I am not a victim of my circumstance, but the conscious creatrix of my reality.”