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What is DAS MATIA?

DAS MATIA is an online empowerment process combining fashion and life design. 

DAS MATIA is a global online community of women passionate about empowerment, design and the sense of meaning through contribution.

Are you a DAS MATIA?

  1. Start the DAS MATIA empowerment process.

    Once you start the empowerment process, you will also start designing your unique T-shirt. The T-shirt stands for your capacity to create. Designing T-shirt marks the moment when you take ownership over your life and start designing the life you’re passionate about living.

  2. 30% of the yearly profit will be reinvested in women empowerment projects around the globe.

    You get to choose in which project you want to invest. Plus, should you be interested, you can volunteer inside the grassroots organisation carrying out the project of your choice. You will travel to that specific community and further your transformation while being in service of others and supporting other women to fully unleash their potential.
    Here are the DAS MATIA partners.

  3. You will integrate a community of empowered women eager to assist other women on their transformational path.

    A life coach will be assisting you all along your empowerment process. Not only that, but you’ll also have a DAS MATIA buddy to support your long-lasting transformation and hold you accountable for the actions you will take to design the life you’re meant to lead.