DAS MATIA Manifesta



YOU who stands for your wild and raw feminine power.

YOU who are a passionate, driven woman, feeding on life-sap.

YOU who consciously commits to leading a meaningful, fulfilled life while contributing to the well-being of others.

YOU who lives life on her own terms, unapologetically being who she truly is.

YOU & ME, together we are designing A NEW YOU while designing a new fashion item. We are designing the YOU who lives with purpose, YOU who chooses to wear fashion as a statement, fashion that proves our true nature, fashion that helps us scream from the depths of our souls: ”I am who I choose to be!”


Together we are a community of strong, powerful, grounded & elegant women who have had enough of seeing so much sadness & misery in the world. We are powerful beyond measure and we recognise the greatness that lays in every single one of us. I AM because YOU ARE and together we will design opportunities for other women around the globe so that they, too, live their truth and design the life they always dreamt of living.

DAS MATIA places a strong emphasis on the essential truth that women’s rights are human rights. DAS MATIA promotes a culture of peace and personal freedom; a society in which women are empowered and enjoy the right to lead free, dignified lives, in full awareness, kindness, and fulfilment, on their own terms.

With a thirst for freedom and equality, DAS MATIA supports women empowerment, gender equality & fundamental human rights as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

DAS MATIA states:

I am.
I am love.
I am my own.
I am who I choose to be
I am what I choose to do.
I am naturally creative, resourceful and whole.
I celebrate vulnerability and authenticity.
I allow my emotions to flow.
I stand for greatness.